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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Choose Tooth Colored Fillings for Natural-Looking Teeth

Tooth colored fillings at Moorestown Dental, NJ

Mercury-Free Tooth Colored Fillings Are the Safest Choice for Your Smile

When the time comes to tend to decayed or damaged teeth, it’s important to choose a biomimetic dentist who will provide you with the type of filling that will keep your smile healthy, strong, and looking good. Tooth-colored fillings are mercury-free, making them the safest option for your smile and your overall health and well-being.

Tooth colored fillings at Moorestown Dental, NJ
Before Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings at Moorestown Dental, NJ
After Tooth-Colored Fillings

“My experience with Moorestown Dental Professionals was a fantastic one! Doctors Rush and Esmail are wonderful! The staff is very courteous and friendly. None of the procedures I had were painful in any way. The onlay was painless and I’m completely satisfied with the results. Stephanie is wonderful with the cleaning of teeth as well.

I am completely satisfied with both the Doctors and the staff of Moorestown Dental Professionals and I highly recommend them.” – Debbie M.

Before Tooth-Colored Filling
Before Tooth-Colored Filling

After Tooth-Colored Filling
After Tooth-Colored Filling

Why Tooth Colored Fillings Are the Healthy Choice

Tooth-colored fillings are sometimes referred to as composite fillings, mercury-free fillings, or composite restorations. It isn’t their name that’s most important, however, but the composition of these fillings. Safer than any other type of filling, tooth-colored fillings are free of mercury. Made of a microscopic and complex composite of plastic and zirconia, composites are also free of BPA leaching.

In the past, silver fillings were the only option available when a patient needed a damaged or cavity-riddled tooth repaired. But silver (amalgam) fillings are laced with toxic mercury. While the amounts of mercury in a tiny filling may seem negligible, over time the vapors from the mercury – especially if you have several amalgam fillings – will leach into your bloodstream and affect your health. Every time you bite or chew on that filling, there is the potential for mercury to filter out. Tooth-colored fillings have no such negative side effects – they improve your oral health and overall health, not compromise it.

Composite Fillings Preserve Teeth

Amalgam fillings, besides being completely unsightly and toxic, are also responsible for leading to cracked teeth. If you ingest especially hot or cold foods or beverages, the fillings expand and contract with the temperature change in your mouth. When amalgam fillings expand, they strain against the tooth in which they have been placed. Because the tooth has already been compromised by a cavity, its brittle nature and the changing form of the amalgam filling will cause the tooth to crack.

Daily chewing, which is obviously unavoidable, can also create a pressure fracture in the tooth that houses the amalgam filling. Not only is this side effect of silver fillings painful, it can also lead to pieces of the tooth breaking off. What you eat is of no consequence – even the softest foods can create a cracked tooth because the amalgam filling is so unstable.

Composite fillings not only make decayed teeth look better and look completely natural, they preserve the remaining tooth structure rather than compromising it by its composition.

The Aesthetic Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

When you have the option between getting a silver filling that is obvious anytime you open your mouth and a composite filling that is the color of your natural teeth, the choice is clear. Patients who have silver fillings in their mouth, along with potentially suffering from mercury toxicity, are eventually likely to develop stained teeth and gums. The amalgam fillings make areas of your mouth look gray and unhealthy.

Tooth-colored fillings make your smile appear seamless and completely unaltered because they are tinted to match the color of your tooth enamel. No one will ever know that you had a cavity or need a tooth filled. You are even very likely to forget which teeth needed tending to because the restorations are so authentic-looking.

Composite Fillings Correct a Number of Problems

Tooth-colored fillings are incredibly versatile and are able to correct a number of dental problem and aesthetic complaints.

Tooth-colored fillings are used to:

  • Restore decayed teeth
  • Fill cavities
  • Repair broken teeth
  • Correct cracked or chipped teeth
  • Reshape disfigured teeth

Ultimately, the goal of putting a tooth-colored filling in place is to save your tooth. The restoration makes the tooth strong, prevents breaking or cracking, helps prevent any further tooth decay, and ideally eliminates the need for a tooth having to be pulled. Tooth-colored fillings are almost 100 percent as strong as your natural teeth, while unstable silver fillings are not even half as strong as natural teeth.

Make Your Smile Stronger with Tooth Colored Fillings

The durability of tooth-colored fillings cannot be disputed. Dentists often depend on composite fillings to help save a patient’s tooth from disintegration or breakage. Composite fillings are also favored by biomimetic dentists because the process to apply a tooth-colored filling includes retaining as much of the tooth’s natural structure as possible. Maintaining the integrity of the tooth and securely bonding the tooth in place creates a strong, healthy, fully functional tooth.

It is often argued that amalgam fillings are the stronger option when a filling is needed, but the toxicity of the mercury in silver fillings cannot be disputed. One of the key elements of composite fillings is that they are designed to preserve healthy tooth structure – not compromise it.

Ready to change your silver fillings to composite fillings? Suspect you have a cavity? Suffering with a broken tooth? Find out if tooth-colored fillings are the best repair for you from Moorestown Dental Professionals.

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