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Orthodontics from Moorestown Dentistry

Orthodontics in Moorestown NJ

  • Are you looking for experienced Orthodontics in the Moorestown NJ area?
  • Do you need braces?
  • Are you suffering from TMJ headaches, clicking in your jaw joints, sleep apnea or excessive snoring while you sleep?

At Moorestown Dental Professionals we are excited to offer orthodontics for patients dealing with a variety of dental and jaw issues. Dr. Esmail approaches these concerns with a method called Functional Orthodontics which, in two phases, addresses both jaw and tooth alignment while avoiding surgery or extraction.

  • Phase 1 of this process works to correct any skeletal issues, like airway obstructions, jaw or arch concerns, and bad habits like tongue thrusting.
  • Phase 2 then focuses on aligning the teeth with dental braces for an aesthetically beautiful smile.

gonzalez l before orthodontics

gonzalez l after orthodontics

“This patient has almost completed their treatment. The patient was told that his teeth needed to be extracted by an orthodontist. This may lead to jaw pain and airway problems in the future. This patient has not had teeth extracted and will have a beautiful result.”

This philosophy of Functional Orthodontics is designed for long term success, with the aim of teeth maintaining their position, instead of reverting back due to untreated skeletal issues.

Functional Orthodontic Experience

Dr. Esmail is a graduate of Dr. Jay Gerber’s Functional Orthodontic program and is trained to examine, diagnose, and treat orthodontic concerns in both children and adults. He regularly takes more advanced courses in order to treat more complicated cases.

After a comprehensive orthodontic exam, Dr. Esmail creates a custom treatment plan and timeline for each patient. TMJ, sleep apnea, misaligned teeth, misaligned jaws, and obstructed airways are just some of the many concerns that can be treated through this method.

Paola S Before Orthodontics

“Paola had premolars extracted during previous orthodontic treatment, which resulted in crowding, poor bite and excessive wear of her teeth. She also had early temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) dysfunction. Although her initial smile was pretty, her final smile is fabulous. Her TMJ problems are corrected and her bite is now ideal. Paola loves to smile and we love to see her beautiful smile.”

We offer a complimentary orthodontic insurance benefits check and have financing options available so everyone can achieve a comfortable and beautiful smile.

“Dr. Esmail offers Functional Orthodontic treatment. Whereas traditional orthodontists will do a beautiful job at straightening your teeth and smile, Functional Orthodontics is more all-encompassing.

Functional Orthodontics uses advanced archial analysis and specific measurements to look at the whole head and neck. This takes into account the optimum conditions for the bones of the upper and lower jaws, the TMJ joints, the muscles of the jaws, and of course the teeth themselves.

Achieving harmony between all of these parts of the oral complex gives results that help achieve and maintain better health, function, and a beautiful smile. Furthermore, there is a much smaller chance of relapse of your treatment.”

Call us today to see if functional orthodontics can be used to correct your medical problem and/or align your teeth.

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