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Biomimetic Hands-On Course

alleman courseOn Saturday, July 30th 2011 Dr. Esmail and Dr. Rush were excited to host their mentor, Dr. David Alleman and six other dentists for a Biomimetic Hands-on Course. Dr. David Alleman is a revolutionary, cutting-edge dentist, who travels the country, teaching other dentists the science and the techniques of Biomimetic Dentistry. Dr. Esmail was honored to perform Biominetic dentistry on one of our very own patients and another dentist. Working hand-in-hand with Dr. Alleman, Dr. Esmail and Dr. Rush were excited to show six other dentists the science, philosophy and the techniques of tooth-conserving dentistry.

alleman course participantsDentists trained in Biomimetic dentistry make every effort to conserve as much as your own natural tooth as possible. Onlays, which work more like your natural teeth, are used to rebuild teeth. Teeth are no longer ground down to crowns. The end result is the fact that 60-90% of root canals and crowns are eliminated.

Dr. Esmail and Dr. Rush are graduates of The Alleman Center for Biomimetic Dentistry. They are proud and excited to offer the science-based dentistry to their patients. Dr. Esmail and Dr. Rush are the only two dentists qualified in Biomimetics in New Jersey. There are only 195 Biomimetic Dentists in the United States.

Dr. David Alleman and Dr. Rush EsmailDr. Alleman and Dr. Esmail

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