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5 Ways Biomimetic Dentistry Improves Traditional Dental Procedures

Biomimetic dentistryThe goal of biomimetic dentistry is to preserve as much of a tooth’s natural structure as possible. The last thing any patient wants is a dental repair that ultimately leaves them at greater risk for the breakdown of a tooth or an infection. Biomimetic dental treatments mimic natural teeth as much as possible, and every effort is made to not weaken the tooth any further than it has already been weakened by decay or damage.

Here are just five traditional dental treatments that are altered – for the better – through the biomimetic dentistry approach:

  1. Regular dental exams and cleanings

Biomimetic dentists believe in the early diagnosis and treatment of dental problems, rather than the watch-and-wait method. This reality is another reason it is so important that patients keep up with their regular dental exams and cleanings every six months. Your biomimetic dentist will notice problems as they’re beginning and address them immediately. Keeping up with preventive dentistry eliminates the need for extensive treatments in the future – such as root canals – to correct a problem that was allowed to get too big.

  1. Tooth veneers

When you have a weakened or damaged tooth, it may seem like a dental crown is the only option to get the proper repair. However, biomimetic tooth veneers may actually be a viable solution for your needs. Tooth crowns are less intrusive than a dental crown, while still offering the benefits of a natural-looking and fully functional tooth. A very slight amount of tooth enamel is removed in order to make room for the veneer, helping the tooth in question to remain strong and sturdy.

  1. Tooth sealants

Continuing the biomimetic goal of non-invasive dentistry, the application of dental sealants is pain free and does not require the removal of any healthy tooth structure. Sealants are also a significant enough treatment that only a biomimetic dentist will complete the dental sealant procedure to ensure that the sealants are being applied to a completely clean tooth and truly do their job to protect teeth from a build-up of bacteria and food particles. The chewing surfaces of teeth are very susceptible to decay. Sealants form a protective shield around the tooth – which is why they are often chosen for children – and therefore keep the tooth safe from potential cavities.

  1. Tooth onlays

Often called a partial crown or 3/4 crown, dental onlays are an effective tooth restoration solution. Designed to cover the center of the tooth in question as well as the cusps of the tooth, an onlay is then shaped to look like a natural tooth. A completely non-invasive treatment, tooth onlays create stain-resistant, durable teeth and eliminate the need for a more invasive restorative dentistry procedure, like a dental crown.

  1. Mercury-free tooth-colored fillings

Composite fillings mimic the look of a natural tooth, which makes them attractive to patients. But there is an even more important biomimetic element to tooth-colored fillings – they require less natural tooth removal to complete. The integrity of your tooth is maintained and you are saved from the dangerous mercury in the once-common amalgam silver fillings. Plus, the anxious dental patient will take a great deal of comfort in visiting a dentist who is ultraconservative about removing too much natural tooth structure and focused on minimizing invasive drilling.

Traditional dental techniques have their drawbacks. Biomimetic techniques last longer than traditional dentistry techniques. And biomimetic dentistry is all about being proactive about your oral health care. Learn more about this exceptional method for approaching dentistry. Contact Moorestown Dental Professionals in Moorestown, NJ, to make your appointment with Dr. Esmail or Dr. Rush-Esmail, the only two dentists qualified in biomimetics in New Jersey.

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