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Located in Moorestown, New Jersey, we provide exceptional dentistry to patients of all ages. Our services include tooth restorations, biomimetic and cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics, for helping you achieve healthy teeth and gums, and an attractive smile. Avoid cavities and gum disease with preventative dentistry. Enhance your smile and appearance with cosmetic Dentistry. View our before and after photos in the smile gallery page. For your free private consultation or to schedule an appointment, call 856-234-4474.

What is Biomimetic Dentistry?

biomimThe fact is, there is nothing like having your own natural tooth, but when you need a tooth restored or reconstructed due to decay or injury, the preservation of your natural tooth’s material and structure is always our top priority for you. Just as medicine is moving in the direction of being minimally invasive, so is our specialized dentistry. “Biomimetic Dentistry” is the restoration of teeth to emulate their natural biomechanical and aesthetic form and function so they are strong, sealed from bacterial infection, and last significantly longer than traditional restorative dentistry techniques. Read More

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